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weather of barcelona

Barcelona is a year-round destination, as ideal for a long weekend city break as for a six-month sabbatical. It is a good idea to time a trip with one eye on events and the other on the weather. Many associate Barcelona with the summer sun, but August can be a poor choice – the city broils and swarms with tourists as the locals disappear to more salubrious climes. It is certainly better to come around mid-June or September. If beach time is not a priority, you can easily find sunny (if chilly) weather and fewer crowds in January and February. You stand a good chance of striking rain from April to May and October through November.

Rainfall is highest in autumn and winter. During September and into October the city often gets a wash down in cracking thunderstorms.

As Barcelona is downwind from the Pyrenees, cold snaps are always on the cards and the April–May period is particularly changeable. At its best May can be the most pleasant month of the year – clear and fresh.


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