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Venice's climate is characterised by very high humidity, with extremely hot weather in the height of summer (July and August). Summer temperatures usually range between 86F to 91F (30C - 33C), and winter temperatures between 32F and 37F (0C - 3C). Situated on the Adriatic coast, Venice often experiences rain showers and thunderstorms that often cause flooding in the streets and squares (particularly in spring and autumn). Dubbed the 'acqua alta' by locals, it is best to be prepared and pack waterproof shoes or boots, to avoid getting soaked. Venice tends to be busy most of the year, though April to October is usually the busiest and most crowded period. Christmas, Easter, Carnival (in February) and the Venice International Film Festival (in August) are also busy periods and winter is perhaps the best time to travel to Venice to avoid crowds and find better rates on accommodation.

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