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Venice Travel tips

At Venice Breeze Suites, we’ve provided everything you need to relax and enjoy your stay with us. All you need to bring are your toiletries. The following travel tips might help you plan what else to pop in your suitcase too:

Bring sunscreen with your preferred SPF!

The California sunshine might be one of the reasons you’ve decided to visit the area. So make sure you experience it pain free – bring plenty of suitable SPF!

What to wear

Los Angeles is famously diverse, and that includes the outfits you will see wherever you go around town. It is one of the few cities where you can dress up to the nines, or wear jeans, and feel comfortable either way. Check the weather forecast before you come. Flips flops are a must, and bring layers to keep you warm in the evening when the temperature cools in this desert climate.

Guide Books/ LA Weekly

There is so much to see in Los Angeles that it is worth doing your research before you come. There are plenty of good books on the city, such as Lonely Planet Guide to Los Angeles, and Fodor’s Travel Guide LA, to make sure you don’t miss anything of interest. We’ve outlined a few suggestions on our Local Attractions page (imbed link to article on local attractions). And while you’re here, be sure to pick up the free definitive local listings guide, LA Weekly.

Tax/ Tips

If you’re coming from Europe, you might not know that price tags in Los Angeles do not include an 8.25% sales tax, so expect to pay more when you get to the register. This also applies to menu items when dining out. Waiters also expect a 15 – 20% tip (depending on how happy you are with their service. A 10% tip, for example, would signify that you were unhappy with the service you received).


Los Angelinos are not famous for their driving skills, so be extra careful on the roads here. Traffic accidents are a daily occurrence, and checking mirrors before changing lanes seems to have been skipped from the driver’s ed syllabus. Traffic is also famously slow in Los Angeles around the rush hour periods, so you would be wise to plan any driving excursions around traffic patters. Check out before you leave home to find the best route to your destination. Skipping the so called ‘freeways’ is often the best way to go.


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