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Venice Transport

Cars, scooters and bicycles are not allowed in the city.

By water buses (vaporetti)

Waterbuses are operated by ACTV and have about a dozen lines around the city. Transit maps are available at the tourist office and in most ACTV stations. Do keep in mind that the waterbuses travel in the Grand Canal and in the outskirts, so it is easier to get to small canals on foot.

 By taxis

Water taxis (Taxi acquel) charge the highest taxi fees in Europe. A short seven minutes drive will cost approximately 14€. It is very difficult to catch a water taxi,.

By Gondola

Taking a gondola ride in Venice is extremely romantic and a true Venetian experience, but a gondola ride is very expensive. Gondolas depart from Piazzale Roma, St. Mark’s Square, the train station and the Rialto.

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