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 Transport of India


India is extensively connected by air by various private airlines like Sahara India, Jet Airways and so on. The official domestic carrier is Indian Airlines, which flies extensively throughout the country and to some neighbouring countries.


Indian Airlines has computerized booking offices in all major cities that look after reservations and flight information. However, flights in popular sectors might be heavily booked so book in advance.
The private operators are very efficient and often give heavy discounts on their tickets. For most airlines tickets can be booked with foreign currency (dollar or pound), TCs or by credit card. Refund charges are Rs 100 on each ticket and can be made at any booking office. And tough luck if your ticket gets lost, Indian Airlines will not accept any responsibility though they might issue a replacement.

Air Passes

Indian Airlines has a Discover India pass for 15 and 21 days, which allows unlimited travel in the domestic circuit. It can be quite reasonable if you are taking lots of change of flight. Another pass India Wonder Fare gives you a week’s unlimited travel between cities within a particular region: north, east, south and west.
There are also some special discounts. You can avail of a 30% discount on the US dollar fare on selected zones in South India. Also a 25% discount on US $ fare of some sectors are available for those under 30.


Indian Railways is the world’s fourth largest railway network, with a route length of over 60,000km. Each day more than 7000 passenger trains run connecting 7100 stations. Indian Railways has over 160 high-speed trains, including the Rajdhani Express, Shatabdi Express and so on.
The best way to be acquainted with the system is to catch hold of the timetable Trains at a glance, which is available at all major railway stations and on some newsstands in the bigger cities. The Indian Bradshaw, published monthly, also carries handy information on the train services throughout the country. You can usually find it on the bookstalls of all major city railway stations. The fares of the trains are based on distance. Meals and drinks are available on most trains.


Though slow and sometimes uncomfortable, buses in India are an efficient and inexpensive means of transport. India has an extensive and well-developed network of roads and bus services.


Hiring cars for personal use is not very popular in India, but is available for those who have a taste for it. Budget and Hertz have their offices in all major cities. It is better to hire a chauffeur-driven car, since Indian driving conditions can be quite an eye-opener for those used to radical stuff like traffic laws and such. You can also hire local taxis for long distance trips from taxi stands or ask your hotel to book one for you.


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