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The capital of the state of Maharashtra since 1960, and former capital of the old Bombay state, Mumbai has long been referred to as Gateway of India. In fact, a large ceremonial gateway was erected in 1911 to commemorate the first visit ever made to India by a British king and queen. Through this gateway the last British viceroy departed in 1947, marking the termination of almost 350 years of official British presence in India. Bombay Harbor, a broad, sheltered bay located between the city and the mainland, is one of the world's greatest natural harbors.

A traditional centre of India, Mumbai offers an enticing range of handwoven and handprinted silks and cottons as well as trendiest new materials made from polyester fibres. The Imposing tower of Mumbai's Stock Exchange building at Dalal Street is a well-known city landmark and plays a vital role in the city's business scene. Nariman Point is a specimen of the wonders modern building science can perform. Visitors usually impressed by its sleek skyscrapers, which resemble Manhattan's skyline have called this place "a piece of Manhattan transported to Mumbai".


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