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France is officially known as the France Republic. It's chief territory is
located in Western Europe. It has other islands and territories in separate
continents. The area in the Western Europe is termed as the metropolitan
France, commonly referred to as the 'Hexagon', due to it's hexagonal shape.
Metropolitan France comprises of territories from the Mediterranean Sea to
the North Sea, via the English Channel. Metropolitan France also extends from
the Rhine to the Atlantic Sea. The French Republic comprises of about 220,000
square miles.

The Republic of France is surrounded by Germany, Luxemborg, Belgium, Italy,
Monaco, Spain and Andorra. France shares it's borders with Surinam, Brazil
and the Netherlands Antilles due to the overseas departments.

The capital of France is Paris. Other famous cities in France are Lyon,
Tousole, Nice, Rennes, Lille, Marseille and Bordeaux. The name for the world
famous wine, 'Bordeaux' has been taken after this city. Bordeaux has many
wine regions.



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