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Transport service

By Bus

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) buses and streetcars link with every
subway station to cover all points of the city. Service is generally
excellent, with buses and streetcars covering major city thoroughfares
about every 10 minutes; suburban service is less frequent. Although the
subway stops running at 2 AM, the bus service operates from 1 to 5:30
AM on Bloor and Yonge streets, and as far north as Steeles.

By Taxi

Taxis can be hailed on the street, but if you need to make an
appointment (e.g., for an early-morning airport run), or if you are in
a residential neighborhood, it's necessary to call ahead. Taxi stands
are rare, and usually located only at hotels and at the airport.

Taxi fares cost C$2.75 for the first 1/5 km (roughly mi), and C$0.25
for each 31 seconds not in motion and for each additional 0.19
kilometers. A C$0.25 surcharge is added for each passenger in excess of
four. The average fare to take a cab across downtown is C$8-C$9 when
the traffic is flowing normally. The largest companies are Beck, Co-op,
Diamond, Metro, and Royal. For more information, call the Metro
Licensing Commission.

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