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 Brunei Wildlife

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Forest Reserve in Brunei

Anduki (Conservation)
Andulau (Conservation)
Andulau (Non-productive Production)
Andulau (Productive Production)
Arboretum (Conservation)
Badas (Conservation)
Batu Apoi (Conservation) Extension
Batu Apoi (Productive Production) Extension
Belait Peat Swamp (Conservation)
Belait Peat Swamp (non-production-production) FoR
Belait Peat Swamp (Productive Production)
Belait Peat Swamp (Ulu Mendaram Conservation)
Berakas (Conservation)
Berakas (Recreation)
Bukit Biang (Conservation)
Bukit Sawat (Conservation)
Bukit Shahbandar (Recreation)
Keluyoh (Conservation)
Labi Hills (Bukit Batu Patam Protection)
Labi Hills (Bukit Teraja Protection)
Labi Hills (Bukit Ulu Tutong Protection)
Labi Hills (Luagan Lalak Recreation )
Labi Hills (Non-Production-Production Extension)
Labi Hills (Non-Productive-Production)
Labi Hills (Productive Production)
Labi Hills (Productive Production) Extension
Labi Hills (Sungai Ingei Conservation)
Labu (Productive Production)
Ladan Hills (Bentuan Catchment Protection)
Ladan Hills (Bukit Bedwan Protection)
Ladan Hills (Non Productive Production)
Ladan Hills (Production) Extension
Ladan Hills (Productive Production)
Peradayan (Recreation)
Pulau Bedukang Wildlife Sanctuary
Pulau Berbunut Wildlife Sanctuary
Pulau Kaingaran Wildlife Sanctuary
Pulau Muara Besar Wildlife Sanctuary
Pulau Pasir Tangah Wildlife Sanctuary
Pulau Pepatan Nature Reserve
Pulau Siarau Nature Reserve
Selirong (Productive Production)
Subok Hills (Recreation)
Sungai Liang (Recreation)
Tanjong Pelumpong (Muara Spit) Wildlife Sanctuary
Tasek Merinbun
Ulu Badas (Conservation)
Ulu Mendaram (Conservation)
White Sands Nature Reserve

National Park in Brunei

Tasek Merimbun
Tasek Merimbun Extension
Ulu Temburong

Nature Reserve in Brunei

Luagan Kandol
Pulau Baru-Baru
Pulau Berambang Nature Reserve

Wildlife Sanctuary in Brunei

Louisa Reef Wildlife Sanctuary
Pelong Rocks Wildlife Sanctuary
Pulau Punyut Wildlife Sanctuary



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