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Sophisticated, modern and cosmopolitan Bahrain, a kingdom of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, is welcoming an increasing number of international tourists who come to experience the country's fascinating blend of eastern and western cultures. It is one of few middle-Eastern countries where the Government is currently prosperous and stable, and the capital, Manama, on the main island, boasts excellent hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, an intriguing souq (bazaar) and all the other facilities visitors need for a great holiday. In addition, the beaches are stunning, the weather hot and sunny, English is spoken and understood everywhere, and the kingdom has the remnants of more than 5,000 years of civilisation to be explored: its future as a popular holiday destination for westerners, despite a currently high risk of terrorist attacks, seems assured.

Area: 268 sq mi (694 sq km).
Population (2002 est.): 672,000.
Capital: Manama
Language: Arabic (official).
Religion: Islam (official).
Currency: Bahraini dinar.


Bahrain Travel Information
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