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Azerbaijan Travel Information

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Azerbaijan is a surprising country indeed. Everything there is unique - the nature, the culture, the history, the customs and traditions, the architecture and many other things. Its other name is "the country of fires" (from "azer" - fire). Even B.C. there lived tribes of fire worshippers. Since those times the most ancient evidence - rock drawings, statues of gods, ancient temples have survived on the territory of Azerbaijan . Besides, the country has been known for its burning hearths - ateshgahs (temples of fire). There is a place on Absheron Peninsula named Yanardag (burning mountain). In Nakhchivan, Kjalbadzgar, Lankaran, Babadag … hot waters follow from under the graoud.

In Surakhany there is eternally burning Ateshgah (temple of fire).

On the territory of Azerbaijan once there were ancient states Atropatena and Albania .Each city of Azerbaijan is peculiar in its own way. The center of ancient Quban khanate - the city of Quba - is known for its medieval fortresses and mosques; Tenghi Canyon and Afurdzhin Waterfall draw very special attention. One of the oldest cities - Sheki - is well-known for its magnificent palaces some of which have been converted to hotels. If you think that you have never seen Azerbaijan , you are wrong. We know it from favorite films - The Diamond Arm and Amphibia Man. They were shot in Azerbaijan . Today the places of shootings are very popular with tourists.

Area: 33,400 sq mi (86,600 sq km).
Population (2002 est.): 8,176,000.
Capital: Baku.
Language: Azerbaijani (official), Russian.
Religions: Islam, minority Orthodox Christianity.
Currency: manat.
Azerbaijan Travel Information
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