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Argentina, which means ‘land of silver’ is a vast country, with great diversity in its geographical features, as well as a very rich and interesting history and culture. It is also referred to as the ‘land of six continents’, with the Pampas, a grassy, broad plain, forming its central region. This is the area in which the gauchos of Argentina, akin to the cowboys of the United States, rode their horses into the folklore of the country. Given below are some interesting facts about Argentina.

South America’s second largest country is Argentina, the largest being Brazil. Located in the southern-most part of South America, the Andes Mountains lies on its west, while it is bounded in the south and east by the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. In the northeast of Argentina lies Uruguay, and Brazil borders it on the north. Argentina also lays claim to the Falkland Islands.

It is thought that there were inhabitants living in Argentina as long back as 13,000 years back. The evidence is still being studied by archeologists.


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