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The Republic of Albania is located in the western part of the Balkan Peninsula and it shares borders with Montenegro and Kosovo to the north and northeast , with FYR of Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south . In the western part the Albanian shores are soaked by Adriatic and Ionian seas. (More Information)
  Area: 11,082 sq miles (28.748 km. sq km).
Population (2002 est.): 3,108,000.
Capital: Tiranė (TIRANA)
Language: Albanian (official).
Religions: Islam; Christianity (minority; Greek Orthodoxy, Roman Catholicism).
Currency: lek


Albania Travel Information
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The capital TIRANA is situated in the central part of the country on the foot of Dajti mountain from one side and only 39 km far from the Adriatic coast.

It is the country of natural beauty , which varies from the sandy and rocky coast to the fertile plains and the high peaks .

Full with big and small lakes, natural monuments, echo - systems , remote and untouched areas , Albania is an unforgettable experience for every one

The country of ancient civilizations inhabited since Paleolithic period and with significant dates of Illyrian civilization, the ancestors of present Albanians, followed by Greek, Roman and Turkish occupations, the territory of the country is full of ruins and other treasures of those old civilizations.

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