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 Afghanistan Wildlife

World > Asia > Afghanistan > Afghanistan Wildlife

National Parks in Afghanistan
Ab-i-Estada National Park
Ajar Valley National park
Band-e Amir National Park
Nuristan National Park

National Reserves in Afghanistan
Zadran National Reserve

Protected Areas in Afghanistan
Bamiyan National Heritage
Khulm Landmark

Waterfowl Sanctuary in Afghanistan
Ab-i-Estada Waterfowl Sanctuary
Dashte-Nawar Waterfowl Sanctuary
Hamun-i-Puzak Waterfowl Sanctuary
Kole Hashmat Khan Waterfowl Sanctuary

Wildlife Reserves in Afghanistan
Ajar Valley Wildlife Reserves
Pamir-i-Buzurg Wildlife Reserves
Darqad (Takhar) Wildlife Managed Reserve
Imam Sahib (Kunduz) Wildlife Managed Reserve
Northwest Afghanistan Game Managed Reserve
Registan Desert Wildlife Managed Reserve



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